McCall Boat Works (MBW) is located 2 hours north of Boise, Idaho, on the North side of town. It is located at 1304 Boydstun Lane BEHIND THE BRUNDAGE INN, a green shop on the left. It is is located on beautiful Payette Lake in McCall, Idaho. McCall Boat Works is owned and operated by Don Hardy. Learn more about Don and his wooden boat dreams under Biography and News.

McCall Boat Works offers nationally recognized antique and classic wooden boat restorations, boat maintenance, concierge service, boat storage and boat sales. We also offer motor work, complete re-builds and minor engine repairs. Depending on the job, the engine may be sent out locally. Take a look at our Shop.

McCall Boat Works has a large inventory of gray boats, semi-restored boats and restored boats for sale. Please browse the Inventory/For Sale.

Boat restoration at MBW can either be partial or complete: we have completed 99% wood replacement restorations to 20% wood replacement restorations. It all depends on the condition of the wood and the amount of wood rot.

McCall Boat Works believes that full bottom replacement is the best solution for most deteriorated and leaky original bottoms or older planked bottoms. The new no soak bottom increase re-sale value and owner enjoyment. McCall Boat Works installs 3M 5200 bottoms (no soak). It involves the usage of a double planked planking system with a 3M 5200 adhesive. Please refer to : http://mccallboatworks.blogspot.com/2010/04/mccall-boat-works-3m5200-bottoms-only.html to educate yourself on why MBW believes in 3M5200 bottoms!!

The completed varnish job looks as if one is looking into a mirror. BEAUTIFUL !! Please check out Boats in Progress.

Need boat storage ??? Not a problem. We have spaces for up to 75+ boats, at the Shamrock Storage Facility. Check out the Storage link at the left. Our storage facility is specific to wooden boats; it has a dirt floor which helps maintain the appropriate humidity to keep your wood from moving and, therefore, keep your deck seams/lines and plank seams looking new. With the appropriate humidity, wood movement is minimized and, therefore, varnish cracking is minimized.

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We are very proud to have placed 2 awards with 2 different boats
in 2 different classes at the 2010 Concours d' Elegance, Tahoe this year:



40th Concourse d'Elegance Tahoe 2012
1st place Blonde Decks "Justice" 1946 CC Custom 20
2nd place Runabouts "Happy Days" 19' Racing Runabout


7th Annual Payette Lake Wooden Classic Boat Show

August 10th 11th & 12th 2012

Best Utility, "KennyB"
CC 1956 26' Continential
Skippers Choice "Cherry Float"
1948 CC 19' Red & White 19' Racing Runabout
Junior 2nd "Twin Finn"
1956 CC 21' Continential


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